Changes around the town

Harvey Street, about 1906.

At the junction of Harvey Street and Dereharn Road where the first International Stores in the town was burnt down circa 1915, one will find the East Anglian Insurance Brokers. The King's Arms in Middle Street was demolished and rebuilt in 1923 when Ted Lovewell was the landlord and Brian and Sally Worby have had a new 30 sealer restaurant added which was opened on April 5th 1984,

One of the largest business developments in the town is on the corner of Norwich Road and Church Road. Frank Dye started his motor business in 1920 in a small garage, which is now the Stone Mason's workshop. It expanded so quickly that in the following year he moved into a large new building on the west corner of Church Road and the same year he was appointed one of Ford's Main Agents. Soon after the last war the present show rooms, workshops and main offices were erected. Following his death in 1968 the business was taken over by his sons Frank and Noel who purchased Smithson and Burroughes (formerly James Garner's) blacksmiths and engineering works in 1969. This is now the tractor display area, car body repair shop and car washing plant. The adjoin­ing house built by "Nipper" Garrod for his family has also been purchased and converted into Of­ fices.

When Julnes and Sons finished their grain and cattle food business a few years ago, their exten­sive premises on the east corner of Norwich and Church Roads were acquired and now accom­ modate one of the largest displays of Grade I second-hand cars in the county. In 1936 Frank Dye (Senior) was selling a new car that was claimed to be "Britain's Best Light Car", the Popular Ford Saloon, for only £ 100 and it cost just £ 6 to tax it.

On Griston Road, Direct Deliveries established a large furniture store over twenty years ago and since then a number of other commercial buildings have been erected along this road.

Mr George Barton founded the Watton Sawmills Co., circa 1913 on the Thetford Road site now occupied by the Fire Station and Malcolm Johnson's bungalow. Their brick offices still remain on the roadside adjoining the house known as "Lyndhurst" and during the 1930's these offices were used as the local Labour Exchange.

The first International Stores in Watton where the East Anglian Insurance Brokers
is now. 2nd from right is Kitty Farrall, about 1912,

International Stores gutted by fire circa 1915.

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