The Care of the Elderly

The first batch of Grouped Home bungalows in Lime Tree Walk were occupied in May 1963 when Mrs Sara Farrall, the first Warden, and her husband John moved into the centrally situated Warden's House. Adjoining that is the large Communal Room where the residents of the 20 two-bedroom bungalows could meet for a chat, play games, hold their Christmas Party and enjoy a variety of other entertainments. In 1972 a further 12 single-bedroom bungalows were built alongside Church Walk and are also in the care of the Warden.

A few years later another 18 two-bedroom bungalows were added in Lime Tree Walk for elderly residents who were well enough to look after themselves and therefore do not come under the care of the Warden. These were occupied in October 1976 and two years ago they were connected to a new Alarm System whereby they could summon help in an emergency. Few residents over the age of 80 will equal the feat of Mrs Alderton, who lived with and cared for her mother, Mrs Fanny Jolly who died in her 105th year. On her 100th Birthday, and four more after, she was visited by council officials and Mr and Mrs Sample, the florists, presented her with a bouquet of flowers for five years after reaching her century. Lindon Court, set in pleasant surroundings on the opposite side of Church Walk, was opened in 1966 as a home for 45 elderly people. A new extension was added in 1983 for a further 16 residents and opened just before Christmas. This comprised four blocks of 4 self-contained flats, each with a comfortable and well equipped bedroom, a communal dining-living room and fitted kitchens, complete with fridge and cooker rings. It is the latest concept in the care of Norfolk's elder­ ly of having their own homes within a home. Here they can choose their own level of independence. They don't have to do anything if they don't wish too, but if they feel like it, they can keep their rooms spic and span and maintain their independence. They are also at liberty to join in with the other residents in the main lounges and take part in all the home's activities.

Lindon Court, a home for the elderly, in Church Walk. March 31st 1985.

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