Loch Neaton Swimming Club

Loch Neaton Swimming Club, 1903, 2nd from left on back row: Percy Tennat, 4th from left: Ernest Jessup. Middle of front row: George Knott.

By 1982 it became obvious that the bathing pool built in 1962 had reached the stage when con­siderable renovations had to be carried out, or a complete new pool constructed. A meeting was call­ ed to decide what action should be taken and as a result of this meeting a new committee was form­ ed in 1983 under the chairmanship of Chris Edwards and they decided that a vast new building pro­gramme should be carried out. Despite the enormous expense this would involve, it was finally decided to create two new pools, one 12.5 metres by 25 m and the other 12.5 m by 7.5 m, complete with new changing rooms.

The committee were to provide all the materials with the man power services providing the labour. Various money raising programmes have been organised and to date £ 7,000 has been raised by voluntary efforts. A grant of £ 10,000 was made by the Town Council and a further £ 5,400 has been received from the Breckland District Council.

Demolition work started in April 1984 and the rebuilding commenced immediately after. The sur­rounds of the pools are now 75% complete, with the changing rooms up to damp course level. The pools have been designed with covering in mind and it is hoped also to have them heated in the not loo distant future. Landscaping of the sides of the lake is to be carried out as soon as the pools are completed and in time it is hoped that a Band Stand and seating can be erected at the Dereham Road end. The whole project is a very large one and to date the cost is about £ 80,000 (including labour) and much more cash is urgently required to complete the programme.

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