Harvey House

Harvey House, built in 1720

Harvey House, one of the largest houses in the town was built in 1720 by Edward Harvey, whose father was Robert Harvey of Beachamwell. Their family were wool merchants who had connections in that trade at Downham Market, Hilborough, Rainthorpe and Norwich, to mention just a few places. John Harvey who founded the Norwich branch of the family was a worstead weaver, who was admitted a freeman of the City in 1695. Members of the Harvey family lived at Harvey House for many years and as mentioned under "Education", the town benefited from their generosity and from time to time the house was used as a school.

Later it became the residence and surgery of Dr's Panting, Sabonodiere, Plumbley and Dr.
Shank's Group. ,

My first memories of Dr. Panting are seeing him being driven out of his drive in his pony and trap by Arthur Sturman who lived in the adjoining cottage and a year or two later he donned a chauffer's cap and drove the Dr. on his rounds in the latest in motor transport, a model "T" Ford car.

I have some painful recollections of his surgery, as I was taken there when I was 11 years old and had broken my arm and dislocated my wrist. Dr. Panting sat me in a high backed chair and instructed my father to stand behind the chair and put his arms around me so tight that I was unable to move. Having laid out a couple of splints and a few bandages he grabbed my arm at the elbow with one hand and my hand with his other and for the next minute or two he pulled and stretched my arm until finally he said, "That’s it, did you hear the "click" when the bones went back into position". Being in considerable pain, I didn't hear anything, but wanting to be assured it was going to be alright, I said no, I didn't hear it. Very well then, I must do it again he replied and I really thought he intended put­ ting me through this painful process once more, but my father saved me the agony by saying he had heard it and so the splints were placed in position, the arm bandaged and supported by a sling. No anaesthetic was given in those days for a broken arm, you just had to grin and bear it. During the last few years Harvey House has been the home of Mr. and Mrs. E. A Savory, but has recently been sold with Planning permission for a Nursing Home,


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