Threshing in 1898

From 1892, when Jacobs sold his horse breeding business, there does not appear to have been any new ventures providing employment for more than a few men until the Watton Sawmills were founded around 1913 and for the next fifteen years they were by far the largest employers of labour in the town.

By the early 1920's many workers began to find employment with the local building firms and both Tennants and Peeke-Vouts had a workforce of about 90 at their peak.

From 1936 when a start was made in building the R.A.F. Station until it was run down in 1969 more civilian workers were employed on the station than anywhere else and their peak figure was over 400.

Local Government changes became effective on April 1st 1974, when the Parish Council became the Town Council with a Town Mayor as its Chairman. Since that date the following townsfolk have held the Office of Town Mayor:-
1974/75 and 1975/76 Mr. G. Mitchell,
1976/77 Mr. R. Thornhill,
1977/78 Mr. R. Rudling,
1978/79 Dr. R. D. Shanks.
1979/80 Mr. C. Cadman,
1980/81 Mr. 0. Adcock,
1981/82 Mr. N. Eldridge,
1982/83 Mrs. J. Crabtree,
1983/84 Mr. T. Turley,
1984/85 Mr. G. Rudkin,
1985/86 Mr. C. Cadman.

From the first elected members to Watton Parish Council in 1895 to the last elected in 1973, the council had the remarkable record of having only 3 Clerks and making this even more remarkable is that they all belonged to one family as follows: — 1895 to 1927 Mr. E. Harvey, 1927 to 1948 Mr. E. A. Harvey and 1948 to 1974 Mr. W. E. Harvey

Threshing at Jeremiah Jessup's, Redhill Nursery Farm, Watton , about 1898

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