Things to Remember

Twinning Art

An art exhibition by a group of artists from our twin town of Weeze opened
in Wayland House on Sunday 15th January. The Mayor of Weeze, Uli Franken accompanied
by Udo Peters the Weeze Twinning Chairman, Enzo Sacco representing the artists and Kalid
Rashid the publicity officer came on the 14th as guests of Watton Twinning Association. They were welcomed at the Council Offices on the 14th at Wayland Hall by the Mayor, Alf Harvey. Most of the Watton Councillors were present and the opportunity was taken to push for greater council links at both sides to expand the idea of twinning in our communities.


The art exhibition is in the new Visitor and Exhibition Centre at Wayland House and the
paintings were displayed superbly. Uli and the other visitors spoke about the pictures and the hopes for greater links between all people in our communities.  Jan Godfrey said that the exhibition would be open most afternoons and at other times by appointment.

This event publicises the twinning links that started in 1985. It is hoped that with stronger
Council involvement over the coming year, more from our community will join and become involved. Contact Margaret Devine on 883317 for more information. The AGM will probably be on the 22nd of March.


With the expanded use of Airport Weeze, the cost of the visits to Weeze via Stanstead, comes down to whatever Ryanair offers are available when you want to go. This is in jeopardy at the moment as the licence to fly jets to and from the airport has been revoked. A series of appeals are planned but this could take several years to resolve. In the mean time it is still open so join  the Twinning Association and fly! Up to date information on the situation is on





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