Grandad's Watton

A Farming Community

Messrs. Julnes have bean trading in Watton under the guidance of a member of their family for over a century, Jack Tennant is still active in a firm whose origins go back to the misty past, and Peter and Adrian Sharman are the third and fourth generation to run the business which was started by Peter's grandfather, Frank Sharman. In the 1920's, and before, butchers had their own slaughterhouses and Frank Sharman used to go to H. G. Barnham's Wednesday livestock sale to buy two pigs, and I, or any other boy who happened to be there would earn sixpence (2-1\2p) for driving them to the premises behind his shop. I am not complaining about the rate of pay, which was fair and adequate at the time, but, having regard to the changed traffic conditions I would not want to drive two pigs through Watton High Street on a Wednesday now, for sixpence.


AT Adcocks Ltd. Michael is following in the footsteps of his father. Hubert, and grandfather, Ernest, and he, in turn is being followed in the business by his sons. I think the speed of development in our lime is highlighted by the fact that Michael lives in a mind-boggling business world of micro chips and electronics, while, only a com­paratively short time ago, during his father's early days in business the most advanced sophisticated piece of equipment you could buy was a wireless set which would not work unless it was connected up to an outside aerial, a heavy dry battery, and a glass-sided accumulator which needed regular recharging.

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