Watton Pentecostal Church

The Two became one

River Ministries (Norfolk) came into being 1st January 2000. A new church for a new millennium. There were two Assemblies of God churches in Watton, They worked together and the two leaderships were friends, and it was late 1999 Chris Pye the Pastor of Watton AOG suggested that the two churches join together.

An evening service with guest speak Chris Bowater

After several meetings it was agreed that the two churches would become one. It was agreed that the name of the charity would be River Ministries (Norfolk) while the name of the church would reflect, how the churches were known in the town and so became Watton Pentecostal Church. Since that time the church has taken on many challenges and has experienced God's faithfulness. You can find more information about the history of Watton Pentecostal Church as it celebrated 150 years of history

Watton Pentecostal Church

Today Watton Pentecostal Church has become an active family of Gods people and is well known for the warmth of its welcome and the professional way in which it rises to the challenges of the twenty first century.

The Charity has a number of different departments or ministries which include:
      Together For God: Missions to India
      Women For the Kingdom
      La Connection: Missions to France
      Watton on The Web

Watton Pentecostal Church Also has the following Clubs etc
      Noah's Ark Baby and Toddler Group
      Jpegs Photographic Club
      The Friendship Club

an evening service with guest speaker




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